Adalberto Lonardi (AL) is an interdisciplinary practise focused on developing creative strategies to empower the communities through art and design.

AL delivers spatial interventions, communication strategies, and activity programmes for the art, education and culture sectors, looking at the social needs of tomorrow. The studio develops simple ideas, meaningful narratives, and bold aesthetics that contribute to children’s and adults’ education, cultural integration, and community empowerment.

AL works collaboratively with clients and organisations to design smart formats, envision new programmes and interconnect disciplines. The practice rotates around the synergy between a group of design specialists including photographers, front-end developers, graphic designer and architects. A balance between creativity, methodology, and care describes the approach to the studio everyday design.

AL believes in sustainable, long-lasting alternatives; seeks to reuse, retrain, remarket the available resources; thinks with a simple and universal language; believes in a design where community, sustainability, and simplicity are the assets for a prosperous future.