20/20: Alternative Futures

2019 Visual Communication

AL curated the visual identity of the 20/20 launch event created and organized by Phase3, an international design team based in London. The event branding included a poster, a tabloid, a video projection, and social media assets graphically aligned with the architecture studio's visual identity. The design, characterized by neutral and futuristic tonalities such as silver and purple, consists of a simple layout enriched by ripple typography and bespoke icons designed by Phase3 itself. 20/20: Alternative Futures is a collection of stories, ideas, talks about 20 ideas for 20 years from now. An opportunity to exchange with practitioners from other industries and disciplines, to question established practices, investigate possibilities, and imagine a collective future.

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20/20: Alternative Futures – Screening animation timelapse for launch event at The Groundfloor Space

20/20: Alternative Futures – Event tabloid exterior spread20/20: Alternative Futures – Event tabloid exterior spread

20/20: Alternative Futures – Event tabloid interior spread20/20: Alternative Futures –Event tabloid interior spread