The Wine Museum

2018—2017 Interiors & Architecture

Allegrini Wine Discovery Museum is a spatial design proposal for one of the leading local winery in the Valpolicella region in Verona (IT). Allegrini winery wishes to enhance its visitors’ experience by adding to the property a new building that will host the brand wine museum. The traditional terracing techniques and the dry-stone walls characterizing the surrounding territory are the inspiration of the monolithic architecture which features a multi-level structure welcoming a vast exhibition space and a rooftop wine shop/bar.

Aerial View of hills and wineryThe Wine Museum – Aerial view

Stone material study modelThe Wine Museum – Material and detail study

Axonometric views of the interior of the museumThe Wine Museum – Axonometric views

Sketch of visitors pressing grapes in a mirrored roomThe Wine Museum – The pressing room

digital collage of wineries, terraces and grapesThe Wine Museum – Concept artwork, digital collage