The World We Care

2021 Visual Arts

The World We Care is a site-specific art proposal commissioned by Tessa Jowell Health Centre and Dulwich Picture Gallery. The uplifting art contribution is a visual manifesto about what wellbeing means to the community today. The World We Care acts as a meeting point between the Tessa Jowell Health Centre values, services and the community needs, and the Dulwich Picture Gallery collection to tell stories of health, care and healing.

More than ever, today, we need to rethink the meaning and the power of wellbeing. Wellbeing comes under the forms of art, exercise, nature, food, spirituality and people. It is the holistic and fragile balance between ourselves, the neighbour and the world. Ultimately, wellbeing means care, and care means wellbeing. The care we aspire for ourselves, for our families, and for all.

The World We Care - Digital drawings timelapse

The World We Care colorful panels installed at Tessa Jowell Health Centre First FloorThe World We Care - Panels at Tessa Jowell Health Centre first floor

Black and white architectural isometric diagram of colorful panels on a balaustradeThe World We Care - Art installation spatial isometric diagram

Colourful markers and line drawings preliminary sketchesThe World We Care - Art installation preliminary sketches