The Nativity Museum

2019 Architecture

A spatial design proposal for the Nativity Museum of London inspired by the cones of vision of Renaissance nativity paintings. The museum entrance hosts three temporary sculptural objects. The sight cones, translated into the threedimensional dark space as glowing colourful pyramids, create a network, allowing visitors to visually connect with the other parts of the building. The cones also become private spaces creating a bar, a children play room and a meditative grotto.

Threedimentional cones vision diagrams on Reinassance nativity paintingsThe Nativity Museum – Cones vision diagrams on Renaissance nativity paintings

Red and blue glycerin molded and polycarbonate model, main pavillion and market pavillion (scale 1:10)The Nativity Museum – Glycerin and polycarbonate model of the pavillions (scale 1:10)

Red and blue cones section hand-drawings (scale 1:10).The Nativity Museum – Pavillions' cones sections hand-drawings (scale 1:10)