Across RCA


This is a walking-based project co-directed by Adalberto Lonardi with Katharina Siegel, following the Walkative Across RCA projects led by Simon King and Jaspar Joseph-Lester between 2013-15, which evolved into the student-led Walkative Society. The workshop had as its outcome the publication and exhibition of four independent and group projects. The input was in the form of guest presentations, walks, and sound performances, which provide a background of psychogeography and art movements that explored ways of unleashing the subconscious imagination. Participants mapped an area of London, taking into consideration modern or future social patterns and transformed the research into an interdisciplinary group of artworks. In collaboration with graphic designers José Garcia and Betty Brunfaut, the outcome of the workshop were included in a self-published fanzine.

Discover the workshop at The Walkative Project.