The United Generations

2019—2020 Architecture, Visual Arts

The United Generations presents a new vision to create a thriving community of all ages and celebrate the advantages of shared resources. Developed at the Royal College of Art, the project integrates solutions like harvesting, renewable energy, local production, and smart homes to include sustainable living as a seamless part of everyday life. In the near future, a significant part of the population is older. Redundant urban land is fertile. Mobility is electric or human-powered. Co-living, re-use lifestyles, and adaptation of the existing are the norm. And we humans, finally learned that together we are stronger, nature is sacred, technology is our ally, and life is slow. The United Generations proposes to go back to the arcadian archetypes where community, sustainability, and simplicity are the assets for a prosperous living.

Discover the whole project at The United Generations.

The United Generations – Introductory trailer